Put on love coat

In the chill of frosty winter, you would never leave the house without your coat.  Though when you were in junior high, sometimes if your mother thought it was cold outside but you, not so much,  you didn’t bother putting on your coat.  So what would your mother yell after you before you ran out of the house?

 “Don’t forget to put on your coat!!”

teen wearing a coat

Sometimes you’d argue, “I’ll be fine.  It’s not that cold!”  And you’d leave.  Then later in the day you’d be freezing and you wished you would have listened to your mother and Put on your Coat.



The writer Paul, in the Bible, tells us to dress appropriately for the weather, er, I mean, life.  In Colossians  3  he tells us we are God’s beloved children, dearly loved. And since we are so loved God has set us apart to live differently from the world; dress differently from the world, if you will.  We are to dress in a way, not to blend in but to stand out. We are hope and light for the world, a beacon, a pleasant aroma. We are to be people of good character.

How we dress points people to our Designer.  Does our wardrobe draw people to Jesus?  We only need a few pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. And here’s the good news!  They are  freely given, will never wear out and never go out of style!

Put On Love

God wants us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness. And before we go out the door, He wants us to put on love.  “Love is the perfect tie to bind all these [pieces of clothing] together.”  Love is the coat—the essential garment for going out in the cold, abrasive world.

And that reminds me of another passage in 1 Corinthians 13 which tells me of the importance of this Love Coat.  If I don’t put on love, if love doesn’t emanate through me, then it’s like I’m nails on a chalkboard, a dissonant chord, a Glamour Don’t! Even if I use my gifts to do good but wear not love, I’m not properly dressed and my work is purposeless.  Even if I go on stage and speak encouraging, Biblical words but am not wrapped in love, my words are meaningless noise.  Even if I act in selflessness and give it all away to the poor, if Love is not the abiding motivation, I’ve gotten nowhere.  Above all, I must put on love.

Put on Love, shoes, belt, watchAnd what is love?  Patience, kindness, humility, gentleness, forgiveness—the accessories that make up our wardrobe! All these qualities are necessary to make love work.  They are the clothing base, the undergarments and love is the overgarment that ties it all together.  Think of it as a kind of uniform for life,(a really, really cute uniform!) Think of it as the outfit we daily put on. Ask God to cloak you in His love.


Next time you walk out the door, instead of hearing your mother’s voice yell, “Don’t forget to Put on your coat!”  Hear your Father’s voice calling,
“Don’t forget to Put on Love!


P.S.- Hey dear readers, I want to invite you to join the Beyond Kindness…Love on Purpose Tour because putting on love is what the tour is all about!  Random Acts of Kindness are nice, but putting on a coat of love daily in an intentional way as you go into the world is Beyond Kindness.  Love is so powerful it can  cover many faults!
I believe this kind of love can transform, restore relationships and build bridges. Most of all, I believe this kind of love can change…me and make me the person God desires me to be.  Won’t you join me in this 3 month tour in becoming people of love and kindness in our broken world? Would love to have you on board!

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 Most of all, love each other steadily and unselfishly, because love makes up for many faults. Show hospitality to each other without complaint. Use whatever gift you’ve received for the good of one another so that you can show yourselves to be good stewards of God’s grace in all its varieties. If you’re called upon to talk, speak as though God put the words in your mouth; if you’re called upon to serve others, serve as though you had the strength of God behind you. In these ways, God may be glorified…                                                                                                          1 Peter 4:7-11