Kindness is our SignatureI was traveling down the road and saw a new tract of housing sprouting from the ground.  Man, they were going up fast!  It seemed that last time I drove down this road it was just dirt lots.  I saw the builder’s sign posted proudly near the entrance.  Their tag line read: Quality is our Signature.  Well, that’s good because with the speed these are being built I would want to be assured of their quality!  I imagined going through their models being impressed with the solid construction, the excellence of their finish work and the superiority of their cabinets and appliances.  After all Quality is our Signature was their motto so they’d better live up to it!


What does your Signature say about you? A signature is a sign of identity. Handwriting analysts say your signature can revel a lot about your personality in life and business.  Look at these signatures and their evaluations and see if you agree.

handwriting analysis

Though we don’t know these men personally, their signature seems to represent their public personas.

Graphologists can uncover many personality traits  by inspecting our scrawl.  Are you expressive, aggressive, withdrawn or self-promoting?  Or are you creative, practical, empathetic or enthusiastic?  The flourishes do not lie!   What does your signature say about you?!

Our signature identifies us. Though it’s a scribble on paper it can tell the world who we really are.  More than that it denotes something significant and official.  Signatures are binding on legal documents and assures that you will do what you said you would when you sign your signature.  
And that got me thinking…  


What if we, as participators of becoming people of kindness, penned a Signature out of our actions?


What if each deed we did heralded to the world the people we truly want to be….kind, just, generous, filled with compassion?

In the poetry book of Psalms, chapter 15, it describes a person who has a telling Signature. That person…

practices what is right
speaks honestly with truth from their heart
does not slander others
does no wrong to their neighbor
does not defame friends or foes
does not go back on their promises
does not take a bribe


Ah, wouldn’t we want want these traits to identify us as we pen the pages of our lives?!  What if every word spoken, every action, dare I say, every thought conjured would be passed through this list and out into the world? I would say that would look like Kindness!


Think of the indelible impression we’d leave as we reached out with this message of Kindness.  Even to those who reject us.  Even to those who are different than us. 

As we sign our name with every word, thought and action, let us be known by our love, by our kindness. Let that be our true and binding signature! 
Kindness:  May it not just be our tagline, but our byline. 
Let’s become people whose Kindness is Our Signature.  


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