Change is in the air!

Well, not really in the air…but in the airspace of my website!  It’s got a whole new look and focus! I’ve been working behind the scenes with the talented and very patient, Angela Bouma, who took my ideas and made them reality. I’m so happy!!! Thank you, Angela!

With the new look, comes a new focus–Cultivating Kindness, Compassion and Generosity. Why these three? Because I am the Jedi Master!  The Guru!  The Master of the Universe when it comes to Kindness, Compassion and Generosity!! Yeah, I wish! I wish and I want to be!  But selfishness strangles my heart, makes true empathy stop at sympathy and enlarges stinginess.  They say when you blog you should be the expert imparting your wisdom.  But truly I am just a Wanna Be.  I chose these to focus on because of the angst I’ve seen around me and the world.  Enmity, strife, discord, envy, bitterness, rage and even hatred.  And that’s just on Facebook!  If we pursue these, especially together in community, we will bring goodness and love with the hope of healing, to our world.  I believe Kindness, Compassion and Generosity have the power to do just that!

KindnessGoodness in action

CompassionLove with a heart where mercy resides 

GenerositySincerely opening your heart in liberality

These don’t come naturally.  They are not programmed into our DNA at birth.  We need to cultivate and nurture and even discipline ourselves in regular practice for them to flourish in our lives.  Are these things you want to grow in  your lives as well?  Can we sojourn together, teaching and encouraging each other?  That is my truest hope!

Also a word about this title Beyond The Red Chair….  My Red Chair is actually a  red chair I sit in during the morning stillness to get centered for the day.  I love that time.  It’s a chance to pray and meditate and hear from God. But if I stay in the comfort of my Red Chair and don’t head into the day, I will not put into practice what I’m learning or hearing.  It might benefit ME to stay there, but not others.  I am meant to live in community, to be a light even. I cannot do that if I don’t live Beyond the Red Chair.

What is your Red Chair?  What is your comfort zone?   Is it a pew?  A soapbox?  Your upbringing?  Your prejudices?  Your rut?

Join me in venturing out of these ‘safety zones’ we’ve erected and dare to live Beyond.  Let’s put feet to our faith! Let’s us not be weary in doing good!  Let’s practice Kindness, Compassion and Generosity together! Sure it could be risky–someone might step on your toes or call you out or misunderstand you.  It might even cost you something. But if we risk it together, cheerleading each other along the way, lending a hand when we stumble, think of what an impact for good we can create in our homes, community, states, and even the whole wide world!

Want to give a shout out to our 3 Winners of Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma .
Sharon, Wynonna and Patti!  Thanks for reading and commenting!  Please let me know what motivated you through this read!