Recently I sat down with Roy Goble, a friend and new book author of Junkyard Wisdom: Resisting the Whisper of Wealth in a World of Broken Parts Roy is a self-proclaimed impulsive entreprenuer who has found success in the real estate world but would say his greatest success comes from things you can’t always measure, like family, helping those less fortunate and growing spiritually.  Roy heads up a  non-profit of his own,  Pathlight and sits on the board of Westmont College and The SOLD Project.  So why Junkyard Wisdom?  He grew up in and around the junkyard his father owned in San Jose, CA (which is still there though not owned by his family any longer.) He proclaims working in an ‘automotive dismantling center’ has “taught me a lot about people, culture, business management, and family.”  He uses this upbringing as a viewfinder for looking at the world, rich and poor, and wrestling with his own wealth in that tension.
 Junkyard Wisdom “explores the power, potential, and temptation of wealth … and how we might live a more meaningful life by breaking down the walls wealth creates around us. You might think the “rich” are the only ones who will benefit from this book, but I’d argue most of us are rich (or at least most of us with the ability to surf blogs and read books).”

Roy expounds, “It seems like the contemporary thinking is we have two options: sell it all and live like Mother Teresa, or accumulate all you can and consider yourself blessed. Neither is viable for most of us, nor do I think God operates in that sort of binary way. Instead, we are to constantly wrestle with this issue, and we are asked to engage in the tension while building relationship with people unlike ourselves.”




If this resonates with you, have a listen !  Buy a book! Or get one here for FREE!  I have signed copies to give away! Just say you’d love a book and I’ll send you one!  Just reading the book for the pithy footnotes is worth it!!! Thanks for taking the time!